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VIP Mala - 3 Feet | 3 Line Scented Wooden Mala/ Scented Mala for Photo Frame

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• A V.I.P. mala is a garland made of scented wooden beads. It is often used as a symbol of honour and respect, particularly in Indian culture.
• The use of a sandal mala to honour a person, such as dignitaries or spiritual leaders, is a common practise.
• Wooden beads are considered to have a purifying and calming effect on the mind and body and are therefore often used in spiritual and religious ceremonies.
• Offering a wooden bead mala to a person is a sign of respect and admiration and is often done as a gesture of gratitude or appreciation. The mala can be worn by people or used as a decorative item in a sacred space.
• This mala is used to put on photoframes of their devotional gods, ancestors, leaders, family members, etc. to show respect to them.
• This mala is made of three strands of wooden beads and embroidered cotton thread. Our garland for photo frames is a product that lasts a long time on God idols and photo frames, and this one looks stunning.
• The use of this mala to honour a person is a meaningful and symbolic practise that reflects the importance of showing respect and appreciation for those who have made significant contributions to society or to one's personal growth and development.