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Vikramathithan Kathaikal - Tamil - SB

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• "Vikramathithan Kathaikal," a captivating collection of Tamil stories that transport readers to a world of timeless folklore and moral teachings.
• This book, rich in cultural heritage, showcases the legendary tales narrated by King Vikramaditya to the wise sage Betaal.
• Dive into a tapestry of enchanting narratives, each weaving intricate plots filled with wit, wisdom, and moral dilemmas.
• Readers will be spellbound by the vivid characters, mythical creatures, and the intricate twists and turns that make every story a literary gem. The language is simple yet profound, making it accessible for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
• As you flip through the pages, you'll encounter tales of bravery, love, and the consequences of moral choices. The book serves not only as a delightful entertainment but also as a source of valuable life lessons.
• "Vikramathithan Kathaikal" is a timeless treasure trove that preserves the rich heritage of Tamil storytelling, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the beauty of traditional literature.
• Immerse yourself in the magic of these tales and let the wisdom of Vikramathithan inspire and entertain you.