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Vibhuti Paste - 4 Gms

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Vibhuti, which is the sacred ash used in our Hindu ceremonies and rituals, is also called Thiruneeru or Bhasma. Made traditionally with burning wood or cow dung, Vibhuti is claimed to have been smeared all over Lord Shiva's body. Vibhuti is applied to the hands, neck, and forehead on a daily basis in South India. It is thought that the wearer gains protection and acquires a spiritual aura that resembles the kindness of Chandan and Kumkum. In temples, worshipers receive vibhuti in addition to theertha, flowers, and kumkum. It is said that applying a tiny dab of vibhuti to your forehead can open your Aghnya Chakra and leave you feeling enlightened and magnificent all day.

Skin contact with Pujayu Vibhuti Bhasma paste is safe. The lovely, woodsy scent uplifts one's mood and gives the wearer a sense of positivity and purity. It is appropriate for use on the hands and forehead. Perfect for Abhisheka rituals in temples and at home, as well as meditation.

Only for external use. Keep in the original packaging in a dry, cold environment. Steer clear of the eyes. Rinse eyes thoroughly with water if contact occurs. Keep out of children's and animals' reach.