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Verghese Kurien

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One name stands out with unmatched significance in the annals of India's agricultural and industrial history: Verghese Kurien. Kurien, hailed as the "Milkman of India," transformed the dairy sector and thrust India to the forefront of the world economy via his innovative leadership and unflinching commitment.

India Book House is pleased to offer a gripping biography that details the remarkable life and accomplishments of Verghese Kurien. This book explores Kurien's path, which was characterized by resiliency, inventiveness, and social influence, from his modest origins in Kerala to the corridors of power in Delhi.

Drawing from extensive research and first-hand accounts, the biography vividly portrays Kurien's pivotal role in establishing the iconic Amul brand and the cooperative movement in India. His pioneering efforts not only transformed the dairy landscape but also empowered millions of farmers, fostering economic growth and social upliftment across rural India.

Through captivating narrative and insightful analysis, readers will gain profound insights into Kurien's leadership philosophy, his battles against adversities, and his relentless pursuit of excellence. From the dairy farms of Anand to the boardrooms of multinational corporations, Kurien's legacy continues to inspire generations, embodying the true spirit of entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Verghese Kurien: The Milkman of India is more than just a biography; it's a tribute to a visionary leader whose indomitable spirit continues to shape the destiny of a nation.