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Vellerukku Thiri 1Pcs

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Vellerukku Thiri refers to the special wicks made from the stems of the Erukku Plant. These unique wicks not only illuminate your space but also bring a touch of nature's simplicity to your home. The Calotropis procera, or Erukku Plant, adds a distinct charm to the traditional act of lighting lamps. Its composition and properties allow it to sustain the flame for a long time.

• Lighting lamps with these wicks emits a warm, flickering glow, casting a gentle light in your surroundings. It is said to be very auspicious, invoking the grace of the deities you pray to while lighting this lamp during the mornings and evenings.
• The use of natural materials not only aligns with sustainable living but also connects you to the rich cultural heritage. Plus, the subtle fragrance from the Erukku Plant might add an extra layer of ambiance to your home.

Learn more about the plant:
• Vellerukku used in the treatments of various ailments and to identify the knowledgeable traditional healers among different communities in rural areas.
• Vellerukku is frequently used for a variety of health problems.
• Since these wicks are made from this medicinal plant, we will get the benefits when the wick burns.
• Vellerukku thiri or Erukku Thiri is believed to be good in removing the negative vibrations in our house.