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Vel Viruttam Mayil Viruttam - Tamil | Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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• "Vel Virutham il Virutham" is a Tamil devotional book that encapsulates the divine significance and poetic beauty of the verses dedicated to Lord Murugan.
• Authored with devotion and literary finesse, this Murugar book is a treasure trove of spiritual insights and poetic expressions dedicated to the beloved deity, Lord Murugan.
• The devotional book is a compilation of verses, known as viruthams, dedicated to Lord Murugan.
• These verses are a form of devotional expression, praising the virtues and divine attributes of the deity.
• The title signifies the inclusion of two specific forms of viruthams – Vel Virutham, focused on Lord Murugan's sacred spear (vel), and il Virutham, centered around the divine peacock (il) associated with the deity.
• Immerse yourself in the spiritual insights conveyed through the verses. The viruthams in this Murugar book often convey the devotee's surrender, devotion, and admiration for Lord Murugan, providing a channel for spiritual contemplation.
• The verses are crafted with poetic beauty, showcasing the literary prowess of the author.
• The rhythmic and melodious expressions add to the aesthetic appeal of the devotional poetry.
• Presented in Tamil, the language in which the viruthams were originally composed, the Devotional book maintains the authenticity and cultural richness of the devotional poetry.
• These viruthams are regarded as offerings of devotion and love to Lord Murugan. Readers can use the Murugar book as a source of inspiration for their own devotional practices and expressions.
• Embark on a spiritual and literary journey with "Vel Virutham il Virutham," delving into the divine verses that celebrate the glory and grace of Lord Murugan.
• Let the poetic expressions elevate your spirit and deepen your connection with the divine.