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Vel - 1.5 Inches | Murugan Vel/ Silver Vel/ Murugan Astra for Pooja/ 1 Gms Approx

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1.5 in

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• Murugan Vel, a divine symbol revered in Hinduism, holds profound significance in the worship of Lord Murugan, the Hindu deity of war and victory. This sacred emblem is often referred to as the "Silver Vel," a small spear-like object symbolizing divine power and protection.
• Devotees invoke the Murugan Vel, also called the Murugan Astra, to offer prayers to Lord Murugan during customary poojas (religious rites). It is thought that this Astra can defeat evil forces and bestow upon its followers the gifts of bravery and victory.
• The Silver Vel is finely associated with the legend of Lord Murugan's triumph over the demon Surapadman. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Murugan used the Vel to slay the demon, thereby symbolizing the victory of good over evil.
• Devotees often adorn their homes and temples with images or replicas of Lord Murugan holding the Vel, signifying protection and strength. The small size of the Vel reflects its portability, allowing devotees to carry the symbol of divine protection with them wherever they go.
• The Murugan Vel is essentially a powerful reminder of Lord Murugan's heavenly presence in his devotees' life, representing courage, protection, and victory.