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Vallal Ramalingar: Vazhvum Vakkum - Tamil

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""Vallal Ramalingar: Vazhvum Vakkum"" - P.S. Achchariya's Tamil masterpiece delves into the life and teachings of Vallal Ramalingar, a revered spiritual figure. With profound insight and lyrical prose, Achchariya explores Ramalingar's philosophy of compassion and self-realization. This book serves as a spiritual guide, offering timeless wisdom and practical guidance for seekers of inner peace and enlightenment. Through anecdotes and teachings, Achchariya illuminates the path to spiritual liberation, inspiring readers to embrace kindness and transcendence in their lives.

""We will know the difference between darkness and light by 'All things are done by my command. We have felt the comfort and joy of a lighted room. What if the light of the room penetrated into our minds and lives! Everyone has thoughts and desires. I just don't know how to bring that light inside. Read Vallalar, light will come in mind and life.