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Uththara Kalamrutham - Tamil

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The Uttara Kalamrita, a treatise ascribed to Kalidas, has written extensively about the meaning of the planets and bhavas. It also discusses retrogression and may be the only literature to do so. Additionally, the Varsh Phal technique (Solar Return Chart) is discussed in the article. There are several examples of Jyotish concepts and principles expressed in Uttara Kalamrita. With clear commentary and pertinent examples and terminology, commentator Jatinder Pal Singh Sandhu leads you through the book. Any aficionado or astrologer worth their salt should have this classic in their library. Reading this work will undoubtedly help you increase your astrological knowledge and is a priceless reference book.

In ""Uththara Kalamrutham"" by K. Gopikrishnan, the essence of Tamil literature blooms vividly. Through poignant storytelling and lyrical prose, Gopikrishnan captures the essence of life in its myriad shades. From the tender nuances of human emotions to the vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage, this literary masterpiece immerses readers in a captivating narrative. With each turn of the page, ""Uththara Kalamrutham"" unfolds a rich tapestry of stories that resonate with the essence of Tamil identity and heritage.