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USB - Parayanam

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• Giri USB - Parayanam | Music Card/ Sung by Guruji Venkateshwaran contains a collection of stotras (hymns or devotional songs) in praise of the renowned deities and characters in Hinduism. A compilation of famous and revered stotras by popular singer Guruji Venkateshwaran.
• The pen drive with songs provides a convenient and easily accessible way to enjoy and engage with the divine verses. It eliminates the need for physical books or multiple recordings by offering a compact and portable digital format.
• Each stotra is recited with proper pronunciation and intonation, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the devotional experience.
• This music pen drive is compatible with most modern devices that have USB ports, such as computers, laptops, car audio systems, or compatible music players. You can simply plug in the USB and access the stotras instantly, enabling them to enjoy the spiritual ambiance and the uplifting vibrations of the divine compositions at their convenience.
• The USB music stick - Guruji Venkateshwaran serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual practice, engage in devotional recitation, or simply find solace and inspiration through the powerful verses. It offers a convenient and comprehensive collection of stotras, bringing the wisdom and devotional fervor of bhakti.