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Understanding Koodiyattam -English

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Authored by Vidhya Bhavani Suresh and published by Skanda Trust, "Understanding Koodiyattam" offers an insightful exploration into the ancient and revered performing art form of Koodiyattam. In this comprehensive guide, Suresh delves deep into the rich history, intricate techniques, and profound symbolism of Koodiyattam, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of this unique and traditional art form.

With a blend of scholarly research and personal expertise, Suresh unravels the layers of Koodiyattam's origins and development, tracing its roots to the temples of Kerala and its evolution into a sophisticated theatrical tradition. Through vivid descriptions and detailed explanations, she highlights the distinctive features of Koodiyattam, including its elaborate makeup, stylized gestures, and rhythmic music.

From the portrayal of mythological epics to the enactment of ancient rituals, Suresh illuminates the spiritual and cultural significance of Koodiyattam, showcasing its timeless relevance and enduring appeal. Drawing from her own experiences as a practitioner and scholar, she offers valuable insights into the nuances of Koodiyattam's performance techniques and aesthetic principles.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of classical Indian performing arts, "Understanding Koodiyattam" serves as an indispensable guide to this mesmerizing art form. With its comprehensive coverage, engaging narrative, and deep reverence for tradition, this book celebrates the beauty and complexity of Koodiyattam, inviting readers to embark on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of this ancient theatrical tradition.