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Copper Tumbler - 2.5 Inches | Filter Coffee Tumbler for Home/ 42 Gms Approx

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2.5 in

2.5 in

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A copper tumbler, often referred to as a copper cup or mug, is a vessel used for a variety of things, including puja rites. In many cultures, copper is revered as a sacred metal and is thought to improve physical and spiritual health.

A copper tumbler can be employed in various ways during puja:
• Hindu rituals must include water, which is frequently offered to Gods during puja.
• During the ritual, water can be placed in a copper glass to represent purity, renewal, and the satisfaction of the divine thirst.
• In their puja area, some devotees maintain a copper glass filled with holy water, such as Ganges water or water from a holy river.
• When doing puja, this water can be used for ablutions, anointing, and other sacred rituals because it is thought to have the spiritual vibrations and blessings of the divine.
• It's vital to keep in mind that the precise application of a copper tumbler in puja may vary based on individual tastes, local traditions, and the particular rituals being carried out.
• Using a copper water tumbler during a puja is frequently linked to the notion that copper contains healing and purifying characteristics that heighten the ritual's spiritual importance.
• Feel the authentic feel of tradition in Giri's pure copper glass.