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Tulasi Mala with Sri Ram Locket - 13 Inches | Kanthi Mala/ Tulsi Mala for Men & Women

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Tulasi is considered an auspicious plant in the traditions of India. Wearing Tulasi maalai has been followed by our ancestors to denote honour and respect for the Gods and Goddesses. Indian tradition contains plenty of benefits and advantages in Tulasi and Tulasi mala. Many of the devotees prefer to wear fresh tulasi garlands. Though most of the devotees like to carry the Tulasi mala with them. Devotees prefer to seek the attention of the Lord Krishna, because it has been a ritual from our ancestors that the Lord Krishna adores those who wear the mala around their neck. Here, we are providing a high-quality tulasi mala to enhance the faith and provide benefits to the devotees.

Benefits and Features:
• It protects the devotee from inauspicious things, for example, bad dreams, accidents, attacks from weapons, etc.
• Tusli Mala is made up of small tulsi beads. It is a beautiful string of beads made from the woody parts of the Thulasi plant.
• Anyone who wears a Tulsi mala will live a long and prosperous life.
• It calms both our minds and bodies. It aids in reaching great heights and achieving success in all endeavours.
• Wearing and using this Tulasi Mala will bring success, career growth, the avoidance of cash shortages, peace of mind, the removal of long-standing barriers to victory, and the elimination of depression, laziness, anxiety, and mental fear.
• Tulsi Mala is instrumental in cleansing the mind, body, and soul of all impure karma and thoughts.
• It is believed that wearing a Tulsi mala cleanses a person's mind, body, and soul.