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Salagrama Malai - 21 Inches | 108 Beads/ Touch Stone Mala/ Salagrama Mala for Meditation

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• The Salagrama Mala, also known as the Touch Stone Mala, is a sacred and spiritually significant accessory used in Hinduism.
• The Salagrama Mala, made from touch stones, is a revered and spiritually potent accessory in Hindu tradition.
• Comprising 108 beads, each meticulously crafted from Salagrama stones, this japa mala embodies the divine energy and blessings associated with these sacred stones.
• Each bead in this japa mala is carefully carved from Salagrama stones, which are naturally occurring, fossilised ammonite shells considered highly sacred and imbued with the energy of Lord Vishnu.
• The meditation mala consists of 108 beads, a sacred number in Hinduism and other spiritual traditions, symbolizing completeness and unity with the divine.
• This Meditation mala beads are typically black, which is the natural color of Salagrama stones, enhancing their spiritual significance.
• Using this Salagrama malai during meditation, prayer, or japa (mantra repetition) is believed to deepen one's spiritual connection, offer protection, and invoke the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
• Wear this Salagrama malai as a symbol of your devotion and connection to Lord Vishnu, allowing its energy to accompany you throughout the day.
• Consider gifting this mala to loved ones as a token of your best wishes for their spiritual growth and well-being.