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Thiruvasaga Amudham - Tamil | Giri Publications/ by Susarla Venkataramani/ Paperback

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• Susarla Venkataramani is the author of the Tamil novel Thiruvasaga Amudham. The Thiruvasagam, a compilation of hymns to Lord Shiva composed by Tamil poet and saint Manikkavacakar, is thoroughly explained in the devotional book/spiritual book.
• Susarla Venkataramani, the author, was a well-known expert in Tamil literature and culture. He was renowned for his contributions to Tamil studies as well as his in-depth study of the writings of Tamil saints and poets.
• Readers can have a thorough grasp of the Thiruvasagam, its historical and cultural setting, and its spiritual meaning through the Thiruvasaga Amudham.
• The Tamil devotional book/spiritual book provides in-depth analyses of each hymn as well as discussion on the poetic and philosophical issues they address.
• Scholars and worshippers alike frequently utilize Thiruvasaga Amudham, one of the most authoritative books on the Thiruvasagam, as a reference manual.
• The Tamil devotional book/spiritual book is renowned for its accessible writing style, breadth of information, and clarity of explanation.
• It is regarded as a masterpiece of Tamil literary studies and has received various honors and awards since its release.