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Tirukkural - Tamil With Meaning | by Radha Murali/ Educational Book/ Kural Book

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• Thirukkural, also known as the "Kural," is a classical Tamil literary work authored by Thiruvalluvar, a revered ancient Tamil poet and philosopher.
• It consists of 1330 couplets, or "Kurals," categorized into 133 chapters, each dealing with various aspects of life and ethics.
• Thirukkural is organized into 133 chapters, each addressing a specific aspect of life. The chapters are further categorized into three books: Aram (virtue), Porul (wealth and politics), and Inbam (love).
• This timeless masterpiece is a beacon of moral guidance and philosophical wisdom, touching upon virtues, values, love, governance, and more.
• The Thirukkural book offers profound insights into human nature, ethics, and righteous living. Thiruvalluvar's verses are timeless and universally applicable, providing readers with wisdom to navigate the complexities of life.
• This Thirukkural book is systematically organized into sections covering essential aspects of life, making it easy for readers to explore and delve into specific themes that resonate with their interests or concerns.
• An invaluable resource for students of Tamil literature, philosophy, and ethics, this Thirukkural book provides a deep understanding of ancient Tamil thought and its relevance to contemporary society.
• This edition is presented in Tamil, allowing readers to engage with the original verses in their native language.
• An ideal gift for literature enthusiasts, scholars, students, or anyone seeking philosophical enlightenment. Sharing the Thirukkural is a gesture of sharing profound wisdom and cultural heritage.
• Rediscover the timeless wisdom and ethical teachings of Thiruvalluvar through the Thirukkural Tamil Book.