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•The Tamil novel book "Thozhan" was authored by Balakumaran. "Friend" is how the book's title is translated into English.
• Gopal, the main character, is a Tamil Nadu villager who lives in poverty and is the focus of the tale. Gopal is smart and diligent, but his circumstances hinder him from pursuing his goals of a better life and a higher education.
• Despite his difficulties, Gopal maintains his optimism and develops strong relationships with his friends and family. As Gopal and his friends struggle to survive in a caste-based society, the tamil novel book examines the themes of friendship, love, and societal unfairness.
• Gopal engages in political action as the plot develops and campaigns against the inequalities that divide the lowest castes in his community. The novel underscores the significance of group action and unity in effecting change while shedding light on the reality of caste prejudice and the fight for social justice.
• "Thozhan" continues Balakumaran's tradition of portraying Tamil Nadu life in a realistic and harsh manner. The tamil book is enlightening and entertaining to read, providing a view into the societal outcasts' hardships.
• "Thozhan" examines the complications of friendship, love, and social justice in a caste-divided society and is, overall, a heartbreaking and thought-provoking book.