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Thoranam- 5.5 x 36 Inches | Banana Leaf Toran/ Plastic Bandhanwar for Door Decor

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• Thoranam is a traditional Indian decorative feature whose complex craftsmanship and symbolic meaning bring vibrancy to any area. The banana leaf toran, which was  crafted with every detail in mind, is a tribute to India's rich cultural legacy.
• The Banana leaf toran is a beautiful and graceful plant that reflects the abundance of nature. It was inspired by the natural beauty of lush foliage. 
• The toran for door which exquisite visual show created by the expertly chosen and arranged leaves represents fertility, prosperity, and rejuvenation.
• The organic beauty is enhanced by the Plastic Bandhanwar for Door Decor, which gives classic aesthetics a modern spin. 
• Toran is often constructed during festivals, weddings, and other auspicious occasions as a symbol of celebration and prosperity.
• The bandhanwar is made of sturdy plastic materials and combines classic style with contemporary design in a way that makes it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
• The practice of constructing Thoranam has been passed down through generations and remains an integral part of South Indian customs and rituals.
• The Plastic thoranam entices the senses with its vivid hues and elaborate designs, extending warmth and hospitality to everyone who enter.
 • Decorate your walls, doorways, or entrances with this magnificent toran work of art, and allow its beauty to fill your house with happiness and celebration.
• Whether it's decorating your front door, a hallowed area, or adding to the atmosphere of a celebration, the thoranam is a visually arresting focal point that inspires both reverence and celebration. 
• With these wonderful Banana leaf toran , you may embrace the cultural diversity of India and turn any area into a haven of harmony and beauty.