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Toran | Thoranam/ Toranam/ Bandhanwar for Door Decor

Original price Rs. 80.00 - Original price Rs. 200.00
Original price
Rs. 200.00
Rs. 80.00 - Rs. 200.00
Current price Rs. 200.00
Design: Thennan
SKU 6018195
Height Weight

17.5 in

0.035 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

36 in

5.5 in

0.5 in

0.015 kg

• Elevate the ambiance of your home with our beautifully crafted and adorned door hangings - toranams / thoranams, which hold cultural and spiritual significance. Toranams are designed to infuse your space with a divine aura, ward off negative energies, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entrances and interiors.
• Embellished with vibrant accents, this toran for doors features auspicious symbols and designs.
• In Indian tradition, toran for doors are believed to bring good luck, ward off bad karma, and invite positive energies into your space.
• Ideal for decorating home entrances, doors, rooms, and temples, torans are suitable for various occasions including festivals, poojas, housewarmings, parties, and more.
• It can be easily hung and maintained, making it a versatile and reusable decorative element.
• Torans serve as a warm welcome for guests and divine symbols for religious spaces.
• These adornments are not only ornamental but also carry spiritual significance in Hindu culture.
• Their vibrant colors, patterns, and craftsmanship add opulence to both interior and exterior spaces, leaving a lasting impression.
• Torans are more than just decorative pieces; they are embodiments of cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs that grace your entrances with beauty and positivity, whether it's for festive occasions, religious ceremonies, or daily life.