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Thiruvisaipa Thirupallandu - Onpatham Thirumurai - Tamil | by Thirumaligai Thevar/ Hindu Stotra Book

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Thirumaligai Thevar

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•Thiruvisaipa Thirupallandu - Onpatham Thirumurai in Tamil by Thirumaligai Thevar is a collection of verses composed by numerous Shaivite saints known as Nayanmars who lived between the sixth and ninth centuries CE.
• These spiritual book convey their utmost love, surrender, and devotion to Lord Shiva.
• Considered one of Tamil Shaivism's founding scriptures, Thiruvisaipa is a powerful source of spiritual book which inspire the followers.
• Thirupallandu is a Hindu Spiritual Book with collection of verses written by one of the twelve Alvars, who were Vaishnavite saints and devoted followers of Lord Vishnu. Periyalvar is one of the twelve Alvars. The Alvars' sacred songs, the Divya Prabandham, include Thirupallandu. These lines capture the deep love, devotion, and yearning of the Alvars for Lord Vishnu, particularly as Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam.
• The combined Hindu Spiritual book "Thiruvisaipa Thirupallandu" offers a rich tapestry of devotional writing, showcasing the Alvars' and Nayanmars' deep spiritual devotion to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It is a treasure trove of beautiful lines that inspire bhakti (devotion) and help readers establish a relationship with the holy.
• In the Tamil-speaking countries, believers of both Shaivism and Vaishnavism hold "Thiruvisaipa Thirupallandu" in high regard because it captures the essence of their respective religious traditions via soul-stirring words of devotion, submission, and divine love.
• Readers and devotees are also interested in this rare devotional book.
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