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Thiruvasagam - Moolamum Uraiyum. - Tamil

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• "Thiruvasagam - Moolamum Uraiyum," a captivating Tamil book that delves into the profound verses of the ancient sacred text, Thiruvasagam.
• This literary masterpiece combines the original verses of Thiruvasagam with insightful commentary, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the spiritual and cultural significance embedded in each poetic expression.
• Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Tamil literature as this book unravels the mystical verses penned by the revered saint-poet Manickavacakar.
• The Moolamum Uraiyum (Original Text and Commentary) format ensures that readers, whether seasoned scholars or newcomers to Tamil poetry, can grasp the nuances and layers of meaning within these verses.
• Thiruvasagam - Moolamum Uraiyum serves as a bridge between tradition and contemporary understanding, making the profound teachings accessible to a modern audience.
• Enrich your cultural and spiritual journey with this meticulously crafted book that preserves the essence of Thiruvasagam while offering valuable insights that resonate with readers seeking wisdom and inspiration.
• Imbued with the beauty of the Tamil language and the timeless wisdom of Manickavacakar, this book is a treasure trove for those eager to explore the spiritual heritage of Tamil literature.