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Thiruvasagam Periya Ezhuthu HB - Tamil

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Manikkavasagar, a Shaivite bhakti poet from the ninth century, wrote a collection of Tamil hymns known as Thiruvasagam. It is the eighth volume of the Tirumurai, the Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta's sacred anthology, and has 51 compositions.

""Thiruvasagam Periya Ezhuthu HB"" (Tamil) by Manikavasaga Swamigal is a timeless masterpiece of Tamil literature. With poetic brilliance and spiritual depth, Swamigal brings to life the devotional hymns of Thiruvasagam, celebrating the glory of Lord Shiva. This book is a testament to the enduring power of faith and devotion, inspiring readers to surrender themselves to the divine and seek union with the ultimate reality. Through sublime poetry and profound philosophy, Swamigal invites readers to experience the transformative power of divine love and grace.