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Thiruvasagam - Ettam Thirumurai - PB - Tamil

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• Thiruvasagam (Ettam Thirumurai) is a sacred Tamil literary work composed by the renowned saint and poet Manikkavacakar. It is a significant part of the Tamil Saivaite canon and holds immense religious and literary importance in Tamil culture.
• Thiruvasagam is a collection of devotional poems or hymns dedicated to Lord Shiva, expressing the poet's deep spiritual and emotional connection with the divine.
• The Ettam Thirumurai refers specifically to the eighth Thirumurai, which contains the verses of Thiruvasagam.
• The Thiruvasagam consists of 51 compositions, known as "Pathikams," each expressing the poet's profound devotion, longing, and surrender to Lord Shiva.
• These hymns beautifully explore various aspects of the divine, such as his form, attributes, benevolence, and the devotee's relationship with the divine.
• Manikkavacakar's Thiruvasagam is not merely a collection of religious hymns; it is a deeply personal and emotional outpouring of the poet's spiritual journey.
• The verses reflect his struggles, doubts, and eventual realisation of the divine presence in every aspect of life. It serves as a guide for seekers on their path of devotion, inspiring them to experience the divine within themselves.
• Thiruvasagam is known for its poetic excellence, rich imagery, and musicality. These hymns are traditionally sung in Tamil Nadu during religious ceremonies and festivals, captivating listeners with their lyrical beauty and spiritual depth.
• The Thiruvasagam-Ettam Thirumurai holds a special place in Tamil literature, as it has been treasured for centuries for its profound spiritual teachings and its contribution to the Saivaite tradition.
• It continues to inspire and uplift devotees, scholars, and artists alike, serving as a source of spiritual solace and an embodiment of devotion.
• Immerse yourself in the divine verses of Thiruvasagam - Ettam Thirumurai, and embark on a spiritual journey through the soul-stirring poetry of Manikkavacakar. Experience the depths of devotion and the profound connection with Lord Shiva that these timeless hymns offer.