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Thiruvarangal Ula -4 Vols Set -Tamil

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• "Thiruvarangal Ula" is a captivating four-volume set in Tamil, written by the esteemed author Sri Venugopalan.
• This historic fictional novel unfolds against the backdrop of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq's invasion and the sack of Thiruvarangam (Srirangam).
• The novel is transport readers to a historical era, specifically during the invasion and turbulent times in Thiruvarangam, offering a vivid portrayal of the events.
• Explore the consequences and impacts of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq's invasion on Thiruvarangam, delving into the historical context with fictional elements.
• The storyline revolve around the sack of Srirangam, providing insights into the challenges faced by the inhabitants, including the Vaishnava priests of the Ranganathaswamy Temple.
• Follow the captivating journey of the festival idol (urchavar) as the Vaishnava priests embark on a journey across South India in search of protection during the invasion.
• The novel depicts the return of the festival idol to Srirangam, especially after the town is reclaimed by the Nayakkas.
• Expect to encounter cultural and devotional aspects woven into the narrative, as the novel likely explores the religious significance and resilience of the people during challenging times.
• Embark on a literary journey through history and fiction with "Thiruvarangal Ula," a four-volume set that intricately weaves together the tapestry of a significant historical episode with fictional elements and cultural richness.