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Thirukkolur Pen Pillai Ragasiyam

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• The book "Thirukolur Pen Pillai Rahasyam: A priest explains the mystery of Thirukkolur Pen Pillai, a girl who surprised the saint Ramanuja by stating that she is leaving her sacred village of Thirukkolur" is a fascinating exploration of a little-known but significant event in the life of the great Hindu philosopher and theologian Ramanuja.
• The story goes that Ramanuja was visiting the sacred town of Thirukolur when he encountered a young girl who surprised him by saying that she was leaving the town. Ramanuja, intrigued by her statement, asked her why she would want to leave such a holy place.
• The girl, known as Thirukkolur Pen Pillai, then proceeded to ask Ramanuja a series of eighty-one questions about the nature of God, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment. Ramanuja, impressed by her wisdom and sincerity, answered all of her questions with patience and compassion.
• In the end, Ramanuja persuaded Thirukkolur Pen Pillai to stay in Thirukolur and continue her spiritual journey. The girl's questions and Ramanuja's answers are said to have been recorded and preserved in a book called "Thirukkolur Pen Pillai Rahasyam," which is still studied by Hindu scholars today.
• The book "Thirukolur Pen Pillai Rahasyam" is a profound exploration of the Hindu worldview and the path to spiritual liberation. The book is full of insights into the nature of God, the human soul, and the relationship between the two.
• A wonderful resource for those interested in Hinduism, spirituality, or the life of Ramanuja.