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Thirugnanasambandar Thevaram (3 Vols Set) - Tamil

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• "Thevaram and Thirumurai" is a revered Tamil book that compiles the divine hymns and devotional poetry of the Saivite saints and devotees.
• These volumes, covering Thirumuraikal and Thevaram, are a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom and devotion.
• The devotional book includes hymns and songs from both Thirumuraikal and Thevaram, representing the rich literary and spiritual heritage of Tamil Nadu. These hymns are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are sung in praise of the divine.
• The poetry in this book is a profound expression of devotion, love, and surrender to Lord Shiva. It delves into the philosophical and mystical aspects of Shaivism, offering deep insights into the nature of the divine and the path to spiritual realization.
• Readers will find a collection of sacred verses that have been passed down through generations. These verses are not only spiritually uplifting but also culturally significant, representing the heritage of Tamil literature.
• "Thevaram and Thirumurai" is presented in the Tamil language, preserving the authenticity and essence of the original hymns. It allows readers to connect with the spiritual tradition in their native tongue.
• The Hindu Spiritual book is a reflection of the rich Saivite heritage and the centuries-old tradition of devotional singing and worship. It brings to life the timeless devotion of Saivite saints.
• "Thevaram and Thirumurai" also provides philosophical insights into the nature of divinity, the purpose of human life, and the path to spiritual enlightenment.
• This book caters to both devoted seekers of spiritual wisdom and scholars interested in the literary and philosophical aspects of Tamil Shaivism.
• Uncover the spiritual and cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu through "Thevaram and Thirumurai." These volumes, presented in the Tamil language, are a testament to the deep devotion and wisdom of Saivite saints.
• Immerse yourself in the devotional poetry and songs dedicated to Lord Shiva, and experience the timeless connection between the divine and the human soul.