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Thiruarutpa - Aaravadhu Thirumurai

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• The "Thiruarutpa-Aaravadhu Thirumurai" Tamil book by Thiruvarupragasa Vallalar is a profound and enlightening collection of spiritual poetry that encapsulates the essence of devotion, self-realisation, and divine wisdom.
• This book is a gateway to the spiritual realm, offering a glimpse into the profound insights and mystical experiences of the revered poet-saint Vallalar.
• In the "Thiruarutpa - Aaravadhu Thirumurai" book, Thiruvarupragasa Vallalar, also known as Ramalinga Swamigal, presents a series of soul-stirring verses, known as arutpa, that beautifully express his deep spiritual experiences and revelations.
• The verses delve into the depths of divine love, the pursuit of truth, and the path to liberation.
• With profound simplicity and poetic brilliance, Vallalar's verses convey the timeless truths of spirituality, emphasising the importance of love, compassion, and self-realization.
• Each verse is a reflection of Vallalar's inner journey and his unwavering commitment to realizing the divine essence within himself and in all of creation.
• The "Thiruarutpa - Aaravadhu Thirumurai" book provides readers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the divine vibrations of Vallalar's poetry.
• It serves as a guide for spiritual seekers, inspiring them to embark on their own inner journey, seek self-realization, and experience the divine presence within.
• Through the pages of this book, readers can explore the profound teachings of Vallalar, contemplate the mysteries of existence, and gain insights into the nature of the self and its relationship with the divine.
• The verses touch the heart and soul, igniting a deep longing for spiritual growth and liberation.
• Unlock the treasures of spiritual wisdom and divine revelation with the "Thiruarutpa - Aaravadhu Thirumurai" and embrace the profound teachings of Vallalar as you embark on a journey of self-realization, love, and spiritual enlightenment.