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The Tarot Power

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The tarot is a divinely inspired picture system. It is possible to understand tarot cards as God's message—a genuine voice from God. If you have the intensity to decipher the images on the cards, you can hear this voice. You are, then, the ultimate arbiter, capable of deciphering the significance of the cards. Reading tarot cards requires knowledge, skill, and intuition. It is therefore advised that the cards be read by someone skilled in the art of tarot reading in order to get the most out of them.

Back Of The Book:

Tarot reading is an ancient meditative discipline which is acknowledged all over the words. It is a divine science; its system of predicting the future is not based on horoscopes. In fact, it is an art that blends the numerous techniques available to a tarot reader depending upon the place and time of the tarot reading, and the individual involved. This slim and strikingly illustrated book aims to enable readers to comprehend the art and skill involved in tarot reading. With interpretations of each card and what it represent, P. Khurrana introduces readers to the fundamentals of interpreting tarot cards. He also includes tarot advice for each card, based on Astrology, Numerology and Mantrism, for every individual to achieve happiness and success.