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The Siddhanta kaumudi - 2 vols - English

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Bhattoji Diksita, a renowned Panini grammarian who thrived in the first part of the seventeenth century, wrote the critical and academic commentary Siddhanta Kaumudi on the sutras. The Sutras are thoroughly described with both examples and counter-examples, and they are grouped thematically. The work is thorough without being voluminous, complex without being complex, and clear without being opaque. In Panini's hierarchy of needs, the work comes after the Mahabhasya, and its study paves the path for comprehending the Mahabhasya. Every academy and Pathasala requires its study in their Vyakarana courses, and students who aspire to become thorough scholars of the subject are obliged to commit it to memory.

Because of its meticulous approach, it has eclipsed all related works and glosses, or Vrttis, on the Sutras of Panini. It is divided into two parts, the first of which covers seven subjects. The first half covers Sangya Paribhasha, Panchsandhi, Shadling, Stri Pratyay, Karak, Samas, and Taddhit, while the second half covers five other themes - Dashgani, Dwadashprakriya, Kridant, Vaikiki, and Swar.

The present work is the translation of the above book in English in two volumes. S.C. Vasu has rendered a great service to the ancient Indian Literature by translating this book into English. This translation commands a unique position in the world of scholarship.