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The Ramayana In Classical Sanskrit And..

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The Ramayana in Classical Sanskrit and Prakrt Mahakavya Literature" by Dr. V. Raghavan: Embark on a scholarly exploration of the timeless epic, the Ramayana, with Dr. V. Raghavan as your erudite guide. This seminal work delves into the rich tapestry of Sanskrit and Prakrit Mahakavya literature, unraveling the diverse retellings and interpretations of Valmiki's immortal saga. Through meticulous analysis and comparative study, Dr. Raghavan illuminates the evolution of the Ramayana tradition, tracing its influence on classical Sanskrit poetry and vernacular narratives. From the sublime verses of Kalidasa to the lyrical compositions of Bhasa and Bhavabhuti, this comprehensive study offers profound insights into the enduring legacy of Rama's journey and its resonance across linguistic and cultural boundaries.