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The Natya Sastra Of Bharatamuni

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The Natya Shastra, is an ancient Indian treatise on the performing arts that covers dance, music, and theater. It is commonly credited to the Sage Bharata and was composed in classical India between 200 BCE and 200 CE.
The scope of the Natya Shastra is extraordinarily broad. Although its main focus is on stagecraft, it has also influenced literature, music, and classical Indian dance. It covers almost every facet of stagecraft, including makeup, dancing, music, and stage design. Since it is the only source that provides this level of detail regarding the music and instruments of the era, it is crucial to the history of Indian classical music. It is thus possible to argue that the Natya Shastra is the basis of Indian fine arts. The Abhinavabharati by Abhinavagupta is the most reputable commentary on the Natya Shastra.