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Thamarai Thiri 1Pcs

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Lotus (Thamarai), a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment. Connected to Goddess Lakshmi, it is regarded as the most sacred flower. The lotus stem's unique texture is a nature given gift, which has been skillfully snapped, pulled, and entwined to produce this soft and delicate thiri.
Benefits and features:
• Dip the Thiri / Wick in oil or ghee Lamps / Diyas to lit.
• It is naturally sourced, long lasting and sturdy.
• Each thread can be modified to your preferred thickness and size.
• Lighting a lamp with the Thamarai thandu Thiri wards off doshams, drishti, negativity and reduces the effects of bad karma.
• Attracts good fortune and creates positivity in the house.