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Thali Mangalsutra - 1.5 Inches | Pottu Thaali/ Mangalsutra for Deity

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• "Experience the Timeless Elegance of Gold Polished Thali Mangalsutra—A Symbol of Eternal Love and Commitment!"
• Made of good-quality metal with a Stones, this beautiful holy dollar is designed to be used for the deity's decoration. 
• This mangalsutra (thaali), which is typically worn with yellow thread, is known as Thirumangalyam. 
• In Hindu culture, the mangal sutra holds great significance as a sacred symbol of marital union and devotion. It is traditionally worn by married women as a mark of their marital status and represents the bond between husband and wife. 
• When adorned on a deity idol, the mangal sutra signifies the divine union and harmony between deities, amplifying their divine presence and blessings. 
• During Varalakshmi Puja and Navaratri, Goddess Amman was worshipped with mangal sutras thalis. 
• This ceremony highlights the value of marital harmony and asks the divine for its blessings for a happy and enduring marriage. The thali Mangal Sutra's presence gives the Amman's ornamentation a holy and lucky touch.  
• The Stone Round Mangalyam thali is can be used for various deity idols, including Goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga, saraswati, Meenakshi and so on. 
• It is believed that by offering this sacred pendant to the Deity, one can seek blessings for a happy and prosperous married life. 
• This mangalsutra (thaali) is specially used during the Thirukalyanam festival of Gods and Goddesses. 
• So, why wait? Add a touch of divine elegance to your puja rituals with the Thaali Mangalsutra for Deity today and experience the blessings of love, prosperity, and happiness!