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Tel- Lalitha-Vishnu Sahasranama - Telugu

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Lalitha Sahasranama, derived from Brahmanda Purana and Vishnu Sahasranama which is obtained from the Mahabharata epic and recited by Bheeshma on instance of Krishna’s darshan, make up an excellent combined recitation for specific devotional purposes. Reciting the 1000 names of Lalitha and Lord Vishnu through the respective Sahasranamas signifies the aspect, quality, or power of the deities.
The book is extremely handy for Telugu devotees who can meditate with Lalitha and Vishnu through the Sahasranama and invoke their blessings. Besides, the recitation gives focus and concentration, inner tranquillity and fosters a connection between the devotee and the divine. The devotee imbibes spiritual growth and self-realization, reduces stress and enhances positivity."