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Tantri The Mantri - 3

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Enjoy this massive collection of Tantri the Manti stories, featuring the wicked minister who goes to no end to rid the kingdom of Hujli of its mild-mannered and trusting king, Hooja. He is assisted by Dushtabuddhi, Vichitrabuddhi and Kubuddhi, who come up with concoctions and machines for Tantri to try out.
He has also enlisted the services of Deadhit, a deadly assassin who claims to never miss her target. From straightforward plots of kidnapping the king to elaborate heists involving interesting inventions, poisonous potions and treacherous trickery, Tantri tries it all, only to have his plans miss the intended target and hit him instead.
Tantri bearing the brunt of his own foiled plans only endears him even more to Raja Hooja, who believes Tantri has been hurt in the line of duty, while protecting his king from harm. Enjoy this hilarious collection of seven volumes of Tinkle’s Tantri the Mantri!