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T.S.R Gokul Chunnam 80Gms

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• T.S.R. Gokul Sunnambu, also known as slaked lime or chunnam, is a versatile and age-old substance used primarily in conjunction with betel leaves.
• This traditional product holds immense cultural and medicinal significance, making it a staple in various Indian households.
• Sunnambu is commonly used in combination with betel leaves, enhancing the overall experience of chewing paan or betel quid. Its use adds a distinctive flavor and texture to this age-old tradition.
• This edible slaked lime is an integral part of paan chuna or betel quid preparations. It not only contributes to the flavor but also acts as a binding agent, holding the ingredients together.
• Sunnambu is renowned for its excellent antiseptic properties. It has been traditionally used to promote oral hygiene and prevent infections related to the mouth and gums.
• Sunnambu has been used as a first aid remedy for snake bites and scorpion stings. Its application is believed to help neutralize toxins to some extent, but immediate medical attention is crucial.
• In certain traditional practices, Sunnambu is used in preparations aimed at addressing tumors or growths. However, the effectiveness of such applications may vary.
• Sunnambu is one of the essential ingredients in making kumkum, a red powder often used for religious and decorative purposes.
• T.S.R. Gokul Sunnambu is not just a culinary additive but also a part of age-old practices and remedies that have been passed down through generations.
• Wile it contributes to the rich cultural heritage of the region, its usage should always be approached with care and in alignment with modern healthcare guidelines.