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After marriage, the true desire of most couples is to become parents! The most important thing in a woman's life is motherhood. In a joint family, if a woman becomes pregnant, there would be elders to guide and advise her. However the situation now is a monopolistic empire. That's why the happy occassion of pregnancy has become a bit of a treat in women's minds. The reason is that many questions arise during pregnancy. What to eat, what to wear, what to do, what not to do, is this right, is that right? A thousand doubts. From getting out of bed, to working, to sleeping, every activity of a pregnant woman needs counseling. This book gives you that one hundred percent. For pregnant women, especially first-time 'mothers', it clearly explains about childbirth, motherhood and how to take care of the baby after delivery. Moreover, Maheswari Ravi, a specialist in Maladuneekku, has written this book with a lot of information including the physical and mental changes that occur during pregnancy and how a woman should carry herself during pregnancy and when to go to the doctor for an examination.

Journey through the intricacies of childbirth with Dr. Maheshwari Ravi as she offers insights into the miraculous process of pregnancy and delivery. Drawing upon her expertise in obstetrics, this informative volume provides invaluable guidance and support for expectant mothers, emphasizing the importance of maternal health and well-being.