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Stories Of Courage

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Stories of Courage and Strength sheds light on both well-known and lesser-known real-life heroes. This compilation includes: Shravan, who dedicated his life to achieving his parents' desires, was blind.Razia Sultana, who strongly protected her realmPrahalada, who stayed up for his ideals even in the face of peril, and Siddhartha, who gave up his regal life to achieve satisfaction and peace for everyoneKerttu, who wandered through foreign territory looking for her nine missing brothersRostom, who fiercely defended his king and showed unwavering allegiance Laurencia, who, among many other things, encouraged a whole town to stand up to the moral high ground!

From popular Indian legends to tales from across the world, these are stories about extraordinary young men and women who fought for what they believed in, whether it was love, loyalty or fairness.