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Stone Shank Chakra - 1.5 x 1.25 Inches | Multicolour Stone Jewellery/ Venkateswara Shanku Chakram for Deity

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SKU 7252133
Width Height Depth Weight

1.25 in

1.5 in

0.025 in

0.01 kg

• Purchase the gorgeous Stone Shank Chakra Multicolor Stone jewellery, a holy ornament with ageless beauty and deep spiritual meaning. This jewellery piece, which was created with every detail in mind, perfectly captures the spirit of tradition and loyalty.
• Inspired by the legendary Shankha Chakra, a heavenly weapon wielded by Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology, the Stone Shank Chakra is a sacred sign of protection and blessings. This piece of jewellery perfectly captures the peaceful fusion of faith and beauty with its vivid multicolored stones.
• Each stone is carefully selected to represent different facets of divine energy, that resonates with believers and enthusiasts alike. 
• The Stone Shank Chakra jewellery radiates grace and devotion and is an excellent choice for all special occasions.
An homage to the ultimate god, the Shanku Chakram is perfect for followers of Lord Venkateswara. This ancient decoration, which features Shankh Chakra designs, is an everlasting testament to faith and devotion. It represents protection, wealth, and spiritual enlightenment.
• Embrace the divine with Stone Shank Chakra Multicolor Stone Jewellery, which is designed to enchant and inspire those seeking both spiritual enlightenment and aesthetic beauty. It serves as a tribute to the unbreakable tie between the earthly and the heavenly.