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Stone Pottu | Stone Bindi/ Small Stone Bindi for Deity

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• Purchase our Bottu, the precious stone used to embellish deities with majesty and reverence, you can elevate your devotion. Known by several names such as bindi, tilak, pottu, or stone tikka, this sacred offering represents purity, protection, and devotion and is highly significant in Hindu rites. Each pottu, made from stone, represents the eternal essence of devotion to the almighty.
• Used primarily in the worship of deities such as Devi or Mata, bindi serves as a mark of reverence, adorning the forehead with grace and devotion. Its smooth texture makes it a symbol of divine beauty and purity, enhancing the spiritual ambiance of any sacred space.
• Beyond just being ornamental, pottu is significant because it symbolizes the third eye, a conduit for enlightenment and spiritual understanding. When used in ceremonies, it brings forth divine protection and blessings and enhances one's bond with the cosmic forces.
• Bindi symbolizes the rich fabric of Hindu tradition, providing a material manifestation of love and reverence to the divine whether in daily worship or joyful festivals. pottu is a precious stone that has been infused with centuries of spiritual wisdom and reverence. Use it to invite the gifts of the divine into your life.