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Stone Nose Pin - 1.25 x 0.5 Inches | Nathu Bullaku/ Stone Jewellery for Deity

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Width Height Depth Weight

0.5 in

1.25 in

0.025 in

0.005 kg

• Nathu Bullaku is a Stone Nose Ring that is created to be worn on deities and it is a timeless emblem of tradition and devotion.
• Stone Nathu, often in the form of small studs or rings, are worn by women in various cultures as a symbol of marital status or beauty.
• This gorgeous Stone Bullakku, sometimes referred to as a Stone Nose Pin, captures the sense of spirituality and style perfectly.
• Every Nathu Bullaku, crafted from the highest caliber stone, is a display of expert artistry and unflinching respect.
• Nose jewellery is the style pays homage to historical themes and cultural legacies while providing an insight into the diverse range of religious customs.
• They symbolize beauty, grace, and divinity, enhancing the idol's aesthetic appeal with Stone Nathu.
• The Stone Nose Ring is a work of exquisite attention to detail that radiates celestial grace and heightens the holiness of the decorated god.
• Nose jewellery with smooth surface and subtle curves beckon devotees into a world of sublime beauty while symbolizing purity and peace.
• The Nathu Bullaku is an important religious ceremonial and ceremony item.
• Stone nose pin represents the unbreakable connection between the worshipper and the divine and acts as a conduit for prayers and sacrifices.
• These nose pin for goddess are considered offerings of devotion and are placed on the idol during worship ceremonies.
• The Nose jewellery is a timeless symbol of loyalty and faith, whether it is worn on idols in temples or other hallowed places. Tradition and reverence are woven together into a tapestry of divine magnificence by its ageless elegance and spiritual resonance, which never fails to captivate hearts