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Stone Hip Belt - 11 Inch | Ottiyanam/ Waist Belt/ Stone Belt for Deity

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SKU 70934028
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11 in

0.085 kg

• Elevate the beauty of your beloved Deity with the exquisite stone Waist Belt! This stunning piece of deity jewellery creates a luxurious accessory that will add a touch of elegance to your Deity's appearance.
• This Goddess ottiyanam is designed to fit comfortably around your Deity's waist, making it the perfect accessory for Deity decoration. Its intricate design features delicate stone strands that create a beautiful, shimmering effect, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your Deity's attire.
• This Goddess jewellery is typically draped around the waist of the Deity statue, symbolising beauty and elegance.
• This ottiyanam is considered an important part of Deity decoration and is often accompanied by other accessories such as a crown, necklace, bangles, and anklets.
• With its timeless beauty, the Waist Belt is the perfect addition to any Deity's decoration. Whether you're performing daily puja or hosting a grand religious ceremony, this god jewellery is sure to enhance your Deity's appearance and create a truly captivating visual experience.
• This deity jewellery is used on various Hindu festivals and occasions, such as Navaratri, Diwali, Varalakashmi, and Janmashtami.
• It is a popular choice of decoration for statues of Goddesses, especially during Navaratri and Varalakshmi pujas dedicated to the worship of the divine feminine.
• So why wait? Order your Waist Belt today and transform your Deity's appearance into a breathtaking masterpiece that will leave everyone in awe!
• Additionally, Giri provides a wide range of Deity jewellery like bangles, necklaces, Kanapathiram, and so on.