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Stone Haram - 3 Inches | Multicolour Stone Jewellery/ Kabai Necklace for Deity

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• Kabai Necklace for Deity is an exquisite example of traditional jewellery, painstakingly designed to combine spiritual meaning with grandiose aesthetics.
• This Stone Haram is a representation of divine grace and veneration, meant to be worn on holy idols during religious rites and celebrations.
• A collection of magnificent god stones, each carefully chosen for its purity and brilliance, form the centerpiece of the Kabai Haram.
• The muthangi stones have a spiritual energy that enhances the holiness of the idol they are placed on.
• Stone Haram has the everlasting quality stems from the exquisite design, which harmoniously combines traditional themes and contemporary workmanship.
• High-quality materials are created by talented artisans to ensure the Kabai Necklace durability and enduring beauty.
• The elaborate carvings and embellishments pay homage to the rich history of Indian temple jewellery for goddess, while the gold plating lends an air of grandeur.
• A regal aura is created about the deity by the elegant cascade of delicate haram and elaborate ornaments.
• From the exquisite details of the central pendant to the graceful symmetry of the surrounding stones, every component of the Kabai Necklace has been created to accentuate the heavenly presence.
• This jewellery for goddess represents purity, dedication, and the enduring relationship between the holy and its adherents.
• The Kabai Necklace for Deity-Stone Haram is a vital addition to any collection since it perfectly combines faith and artistic expression.