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Stone Half Crown - 1.5 x 0.75 Inches | Stone Kireedam/ Multicolour Stone Mukut for Deity

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Width Height Depth Material Weight

0.75 in

1.5 in

0.25 in


0.005 kg

• Our Stone Half Kireedam offers exquisite craftsmanship in the creation of divine crowns, known as "mukut" or "kiritam," for gods and goddesses. Each piece is carefully manufactured to embody the essence of traditional Indian artistry and spirituality.
• Our selection includes elaborately carved, finely detailed crowns, or "mukut" that are manufactured from premium quality stone.
• These crowns are ideal for various religious ceremonies, temple adornments, or personal altars since they signify the divine authority and power of the deities they represent.
• The tradition of adorning deities with crowns, known as "kireedam" in South India, dates back centuries, tracing its origins to ancient Hindu religious practices.
•Whether you seek a majestic crown for Lord Shiva, the serene elegance for Goddess Lakshmi, or the regal splendor for Lord Krishna, our Stone Half Kireedam collection offers a wide range of options to suit your spiritual needs. 
• Each piece is designed to evoke reverence and awe, enhancing the sacred ambiance of any space. Beyond their ornamental value, these crowns are believed to imbue the deity with spiritual energy and blessings, enhancing the sanctity of worship spaces.
• Elevate your spiritual experience and honor the divine with our exquisite collection of stone kireetams.