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Stone Earings Set - 1.5 x 1.25 Inches | Multicolour Stone Earring/ Karnapathakkam for Deity

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Width Height Depth Material Weight

1.25 in

1.5 in

0.25 in


0.015 kg

• The Stone Karnapathiram, or Ear Set, is a stunning decorative accessory meticulously designed to enhance the beauty of your deity idols or statues.
• This exquisite set comprises intricately crafted stone earrings, each chosen for its remarkable colour, clarity, and texture to ensure a breathtaking appearance.
• The Stone Karnapathiram set boasts delicately carved and dainty stone earrings that add an element of grace and elegance to your deity idols or statues. 
• By adorning your idols or statues with these beautiful earrings, you elevate their overall aesthetic appeal, creating a captivating focal point in your home temple or worship space.
• Designed for user-friendliness, the Karnapathiram set can be effortlessly attached to the ears of your deity idols or statues. Its lightweight design ensures a hassle-free installation process.
• Regularly clean it with a soft cloth to maintain its shine and appearance.
• Elevate your spiritual space and accentuate the divine beauty of your idols or statues with the Stone Karnapathiram set.
• Its exquisite craftsmanship and careful selection of stones make it a delightful addition to your worship area, infusing it with an aura of elegance and reverence.