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Steam Engine Toy - 4 x 10.5 Inches | Steam Train Toy/ Wooden Toy Car/ Wooden Car for Kids

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Rs. 450.00
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SKU 6384497
Width Height Depth Weight

10.5 in

4 in

3 in

0.43 kg

• This Wooden Toy Steam Engine brings a touch of timeless beauty to any child's playtime or collector's showcase.
• Made from solid, smooth wood, this crafted copy embodies the essence of vintage steam engine styling, evoking vehicles from the early 20th century.
• This kids toy's exquisite craftsmanship and elegant lines arouse feelings of nostalgia and authenticity, making it a treasured decor item or an appealing educational toy for young enthusiasts.
• This toy engine gives playrooms, baby rooms, or display shelves an element of vintage charm.
• Encourages imaginative play and storytelling when kids act out scenarios from pretend play with the steam engine.
• An antique wooden toy steam engine is more than simply a plaything; it's an imaginative and nostalgic representation of history and craftsmanship.
• This sturdy and visually appealing toy engine is perfect for encouraging fine motor skills and imagination in youngsters aged 3 and above.
• It ensures safe play for hours on end. Parents and collectors are going to find the natural wood finish to be appealing as it offers a rustic touch.
• Our Wooden Toy Steam Engine is a classic present for any occasion since it embodies everlasting charm.
• Whether this kids toy is rolled across the floor or exhibited on a shelf. Play part in years of play with this exquisitely designed homage to the heyday of motoring and see it grow into a treasured addition to your family's toy collection.