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Plate | Stainless Steel Thali Plate/ Pooja Plate for Home

Original price Rs. 225.00 - Original price Rs. 400.00
Original price
Rs. 225.00
Rs. 225.00 - Rs. 400.00
Current price Rs. 225.00
Size: 0.5 x 7 Inch
SKU 52507633
Width Height Depth Weight

7 in

0.5 in

0.7 in

0.107 kg

Height Weight

0.5 in

0.18 kg

Width Height Depth Weight

9 in

0.75 in

0.8 in

0.182 kg

• This Wedding Plate is a versatile and essential accessory for traditional Indian weddings and auspicious occasions.
• This plate is designed to hold and display Seervarisai (return gifts) and Thamboolam (betel leaves, fruits, Sarees, Wedding Garland and other items) during wedding ceremonies and other festive celebrations.
• This lovely puja thali will complement your mandir. The item is ideal as a gift for weddings, housewarming parties, anniversaries, festivals, and other special occasions including marriage and engagement ceremonies.
• It's perfect for festivals and special occasions like Rakshabandhan, Navratri, Dhanteras, and Diwali pooja.
• This SS Plate is made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.
• The SS plate is thoughtfully designed with a wide surface area to accommodate a variety of Seervarisai items and Thamboolam offerings, making it a practical and functional choice for such occasions.
• During Indian weddings, it is customary to present Seervarisai gifts to guests as a token of appreciation for their presence and blessings.
• The Wedding Plate provides an organised and elegant way to arrange and display these return gifts, making it easy for guests to pick them up with convenience.
• Its easy-to-clean and hygienic properties make it a preferred choice for such special occasions.
• Let it enhance the joyous atmosphere and add a touch of elegance to your auspicious events, creating memorable moments for the couple and their guests.