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A monumental treatise on Srngara Nayika and Nayaka bheda by Akbar Shah. Dr.Raghavan’s extensive introduction and editorial comments makes this treatise as a must read for any serious student-researcher of Classical Dance traditions.

The Khalifs of Baghdad had arranged for the translation of several Sanskrit books into Arabic and scholars like Alberuni had specialized in the study of Sanskrit. In the Deccan itself there are several instances of Muslims having evinced keen interest in regional languages. Some of them have been referred to by Dr. Raghvan, in his introduction to this book.

Among these Saint Akbar Shah holds a glorious position and it is hoped that the publication of his Srngaramanjari will be a land mark in making the cultural ties ties stronger and in inducing people to attain proficiency in each others’ languages.

Given in the book is the geneology of Bade Sahib and secured from the archives of Shaikh-ka-Rauza, Gulbrga, which are in the charge of the Sajjada Sahib of that tomb.