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Sri Rudram (T/S)

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* Sri Rudram is a devotional book by Anna Subramanian, published by Sri Ramakrishna Math. The Sri Rudram is a sacred hymn from the ancient Vedas, dedicated to Lord Shiva.
* It is considered one of the most powerful and potent hymns in Hinduism and is chanted during various ceremonies and rituals, including the Rudra Abhishekam.
* The Sri Rudram hymn is believed to have the power to bring about physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and it is said to remove all kinds of obstacles and difficulties from one's life.
* The book is a comprehensive guide to the practice and meaning of the Sri Rudram hymn. It explains the significance and benefits of chanting Sri Rudram, the different versions and variations of the hymn, and the proper way to chant.
* It delves into the symbolism and philosophy behind each verse and explains the deeper meanings and hidden messages contained in the hymn.
* Reading this book closely brings Isvara (the Lord) into your life, allowing you to finish it with namah on your lips and Isvara (the Lord) in your heart.
* It is often used in prayer and meditation. It is believed that reading and reciting the book can bring blessings and spiritual growth.
* This book is available in Sanskrit text with Tamil translation, and since the text is bold, it is easy for anyone to read. Older people can easily read the book as well.