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Sri Ramana Subrahmanya Bhakti Panuval - Tamil | Hindu Religious Book/ Stotra Book

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• This Hindu religious book is a poetic composition by Subbiah on Ramana Maharishi, a Hindu sage and spiritual teacher. The author, after traveling to various parts of the world, was drawn by the greatness of Ramana Maharishi and settled down in Tiruvannamalai, the sage's ashram.
• In this work, which is a devotional outpouring, Subbiah states the various upadeshams, or teachings, of Ramana Maharishi. He declares that Ramana is Lord Subrahmanya incarnate, a Hindu god of war and wisdom.
• The Hindu religious book is written in a beautiful and evocative style, and it is sure to inspire readers who are on their own spiritual journey.

• This Hindu devotional book is a personal and heartfelt tribute to Ramana Maharishi.
• It is a clear and concise exposition of Ramana Maharishi's teachings.
• This Hindu devotional book is a beautiful and inspiring work of poetry.

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